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how our 'UP THERE' thinks [Sep. 9th, 2007|05:22 pm]
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It all boils down to the apparent marginalisation and blatant disconcern with the mediocre in our society (of course, I'm included for I wouldn't be ranting otherwise). For it is in fact a useful tool in keeping us. I'm not saying it's a devious ploy on the part of the system or the govt to entrap us, but that's the sad story of our somewhat enclosed and opportnity-lacking society. You may say that this happens to many people around the world who are laden with financial woes for college education, but the proportion of their people in relation to the spatial and career opportunities supersede what we have here. What ensues is a silly struggle among our own people (and with ourselves as individuals too) to break out of this downward spiral of social incarceration, or perhaps even to survive in it in the first place. As such, whatever grandiose plans you may have about holidays or living overseas become quixotic plans subjected to social ridicule, plans that are merely figments of your own imagination. So....if only my family were rich...if only I were smart enough to be free from such fiscal and educational-certificate related bondage...I wouldn't be feeling the imminent possibility of being stuck here with woes of varied natures. Let's celebrate mediocrity, for that's what makes (most)pple in Singapore STAY. I'm not sore; I'm just appalled at this vicious entrapment and I wish I had realised it earlier.

How can I turn the tables around?