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zipping back into time [Sep. 5th, 2007|05:36 pm]
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[Current Music |might tell you tonight--scissor sisters]

An sms from Milt reminded me that I hadn’t updated anything on my recent trip since my return. And since I need a break from work now (boredom and lethargy and all) and from all that wondering of whether I’d made the right decision in working here blah blah blah, perhaps I should fill some people in with regards to this *pretty* wild trip, haha. Puts my thoughts in perspective too I guess, heh. I was seriously dreading going back to work the next day, not to mention fighting a losing battle with the zzzz-monster the entire week upon my return. I’m always falling asleep at work…whether it’s at my desk, in meetings, in class etc…(regardless of the amt of sleep I’ve had the previous night). This is very very bad…so I keep myself awake by popping fisherman’s friend pills into my mouth (which explains my untimely bouts of diarrhoea at times) or binging on chocolates and snacks. AND I haven’t been exercising…what’s gonna happen to me when I go back for reservist next month, and the following month???? Nothing much to look forward to for the next few months...what a gloomy forecast.

In any case, Europe doesn’t disappoint again!!!! Woohoo, with the exception of ugly chewing gum stains on the ground in both cities and London’s horribly bleak atmosphere all thanks to its constant showers, damn.

*************time lapse*******

Ok my colleague interrupted me while I was typing this and now it's almost time to go home and I have lost all inspiration to carry on writing....so I shall continue another time. Till then, haha